Pairing Guide - Samsung WEP200
Posted by Tim L. on 27 January 2009 11:30 PM
For security reason, a Bluetooth device will not automatically 'finds' its companion and pair with it. It is necessary to ensure you have perform the pairing process correctly, before you can use the Bluetooth Device.

Here is the guide about how to pair Samsung WEP200 with your cell phone

1. To put the WEP200 into pairing mode, the user must ensure the headset is off. When the headset is off, there should not be any light at all.
2. Now, pick-up your cell phone, and access into the Bluetooth menu, and prepare to search for new Bluetooth device (do not search yet).
3. On the WEP200 headset, Press and hold the multi-function button for eight seconds, or until the LED glows a steady blue. (VERY IMPORTANT).
4. Now, on the cell phone, search for new Bluetooth Device. It will find WEP200.
4. Select the headset from the list when it is found by the cell phone. If it ask for a passcode, enter ‘0000’ (4-digits Numeric Zero), to pair with the headset.
5. The headset will flashes a few times in Blue, then flashing slowly indicated it is paired successfully.

NOTE: On Step 2, if you do not know how to access to the Bluetooth Menu, please consult the cell phone's user manual.

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