Q: The tracking number shows my item is ''delivered'', but I do not have it. What should I do?
Posted by Tim L. on 14 December 2009 02:51 AM
A: It is important to make sure you have checked everywhere and attempt to look for the package. We use package from a flat #10 business envelope, manila (yellow) bubble padded mailer envelope, USPS Mailing boxes, UPS shipping boxes to small/large carton box to ship orders.

Please check the mailbox, front door, walkway, or even your garden bushes and area that could 'hide' the package. Some times, the delivery man may 'hide' it on discrete area which visible for you to keep it from potential mail theft.

If you are in a business address that has a mail room, or an apartment with security office/lease office/mail room, make sure to check with the related person if they may be holding something for you. Asking your postmaster (or UPS delivery man) may also helps most of the time.

If you have attempted all Please confirm your address again, get your order number, and write to us by submitting a new ticket.

Although at most situation, package may show up 1-2 days later, but you are welcome to contact us so that we are informed about the shipping problem.

We will then confirm your address, and request the carrier to perform a trace. Carrier, such as UPS or USPS, will go through the shipping route and attempt to locate the package. On some occasions, they may also visit you to verify the receipt of package.

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